A downloadable game

New Age of the Dead is an immersive survival zombie horror-thriller game which uses the amazing potential of unreal engine and also runs through Steam. The aim of the campaign mode is for the player to traverse through the level choosing whether to attack or sneak past the zombies. 

There are three versions of AI incorporated into my game. All versions have different levels of pathfinding and intelligence, they will roam the map and search for the player and if the player is seen they will attack. These locations will be at random. The boss AI who has more health, does more damage and is quicker has the ability to also see through walls, if the player is detected the boss will set of in the quickest path to attack them. 

The player can pick up different items along the way such as Rifles, Cleavers, Knives and health, these are stored in an inventory system which has a cap weight and each items weight is varied.

The objective of the game is to find out what is happening in the world, and find your way out of the abandoned manor in the quickest time possible before the zombies overrun the area, this can be helped with locating keys which will unlock doors and notes which will contain vital information. 

The online multiplayer uses steam to create servers which can be joined from another instance of the game so two people can play together from different locations. The objective of multiplayer is to see which player can survive the longest against the zombies, once one player dies the other immediately wins, but if the time reaches its limit then the player which has the most kills wins. 

To make the environment more immersive I added in cinematics and dark lighting throughout the level. The player will have a flashlight to traverse through these dark areas in the level this gives a more intense atmosphere.

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Blender, SQL, Mixamo Fuse, Steam